Choose Your own Adventure (or Mastectomy)

To go along with the recent blog I posted on, I created the below decision tree. It's confusing and messy, much like the actual decision process we, as previvors (and survivors if you have the time for this process) undergo to find our path to cancer prevention. 

This decision is not an easy one to come to. This is not a boob job or an augmentation. It is total removal of your breast tissue (from collarbone down around your ribs) and replacement, if chosen, of that body part that you've lived with for at least one decade, if not so many more. I wish all my fellow previvors the luxury of time and the understanding that you deserve to be as happy as possible with the results of this crappy choice we make.

Be a 12-year-old boy and look at all the boobs. Know your options. Demand the best for yourself. We are worth that.


  1. This is excellent! Thank you!

  2. The only aspect of #HBOC that seems to change faster than NCCN recommendations based on genetics is the array of reconstruction options (Fat Transfer as 1ยบ recon is now the "3rd" option for some).


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