One of my vices in life is social media. Ask my husband, he will tell you all about my "internet friends" and how he still figures one will turn out to be a crazy psycho killer. I'm proud to say that he has been proven wrong thus far and I've made it out of the past 7 years alive, well, and with two handfuls of awesome friends.

I met my first round of web buddies (one's dad used to call us "eBay friends" because he could never remember where we came from) when I was engaged and trolling the web for wedding ideas.* From that group, I've been to two weddings, officiated one, rounded up a group of nearly 10 kids for my girls to grow up with and made countless memories.

My second set of friends who live in the computer are my mommy friends who I met when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. We're going on 4 years of learning about each other and moving on to sharing and caring about round two babies. I haven't met most of these ladies, but I "talk" to them daily and get together with the local ladies as much as we can all figure it out.

These women were some of the first to learn of my BRCA diagnosis and have given me a ton of support. And due to them, I ventured into the world of Instagram and honed my hashtagging.

Now, thanks to following the hashtag breadcrumbs, I follow other survivors and previvors. I've read their stories. I've seen the changes they've made in their daily lives. I followed as some younger than me had their double mastectomies. I've seen the scars. I am in awe of their strength and perseverance, of their openness and support for others facing down cancer.

Today I'm thankful for the technology that sometimes seems too much. I'm thankful that it has brought amazing women into my life I'm thankful that there are women who have made this journey and continue to offer thei insight to those of us just starting, to those of us that can be overwhelmed and scared.

I know because of this taste of community that I will continue to seek it out. I will have even more guidance when the time comes.

*sidenote: I want a Pinterest redo with someone else's bank account. Until then, I will live vicariously through my baby sister and best friends.

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I follow more previvors on Instagram and appreciate their advocacy, their strength, and their openness in their own journeys. I appreciate it more than they know.