Yoga on the Steps

I will always remember holding my Warrior II on the steps of the Art Museum, looking at my pink bracelets – one for my mother-in-law and one for my best friend – against the sun no one thought would shine that day. Both of these women inspired every person they touched. They made the most out of their years in remission and they fought for every minute left with loved ones. They lived well beyond their breast cancer.

There are many worthy and great causes out there surrounding breast cancer, but most focus on screenings and research. Living Beyond Breast Cancer instead focuses on those people living with this disease. The fighters, the survivors and people like me -- the previvors.

The first year I did Yoga on the Steps, I shed tears for my best friend. She was my yoga partner for years and I still miss her terribly when I practice. The second year, I smiled. My sister participated and my youngest had a little dance party in my bump. This year, I guess it's about me.

Am I living beyond breast cancer without that diagnosis? In a way, I feel like I'm just in remission. I have that devil on my shoulder, threatening to disturb the calm at any given time. BRCA1 is its own demon, but I identify with the survivors. How will I feel sitting among them this year? I'm not sure, but I know it will be yet another emotional morning.

Every stretch, every muscle shake will force me to acknowledge my body. I will listen to women describe their own struggles against their bodies. Will I have that story to tell? Or will I have a very different story?

Either way, I already appreciate what LBBC does. I have had amazing support for my cause this year and I can't say thank you enough. This weekend is another big match weekend for Yoga on the Steps, so any donation counts double! Please consider donating to team Bee Inspired!