Another reflection

Like this author, I don't know if I want to talk more about Angelina Jolie, but I found his words worth spreading:
"Some have suggested, either overtly or implicitly, that this was all somehow easier for Ms. Jolie because her fame and wealth gave her access to BRCA testing and surgery that is not available to women without the same means. Those people are being foolish and mean-spirited. First, fame and wealth don't insulate you from fear and anxiety. Second, BRCA testing has been endorsed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and is covered by most insurance policies if a woman is an appropriate candidate for testing. Lack of access to BRCA testing is a reflection of disparate coverage for preventive services and the larger problem of inadequate health care coverage in our country, not the result of monopolistic practices by a diagnostics company. In my experience, preventive surgery is also considered medically indicated for mutation carriers who choose it, and covered by most insurers (albeit sometimes with significant co-pays).
So, when I reflect on Ms Jolie's story, I don't see a woman who was able to avoid her fate by virtue of her privileged position. I see a beautiful young woman who gracefully made an awful choice under conditions of extreme uncertainty. My clinic is full of women just like her, every one of them beautiful, struggling with the same decision."
I heard a lot of things this week about BRCA (usually just called "the breast cancer gene") and I was both excited people were talking about it and horrified at the ignorance and false information out there.

I equate my BRCA status and subsequent decisions to pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.  Only I can ultimately make my decisions and stand by them.  And everyone faces the same thoughts/fears/issues but their personal histories, circumstances and, therefore, choices will be different.  None of it is truly right or truly wrong (I mean, minus morally horrific parenting, but I digress), but it has to be right for you.  

This wasn't an opportunity to judge a celebrity -- though I might check out her boobs a little more closely next time she's in a racy scene -- but to listen to one woman's story.  I hope it has many positive impacts on women and families out there who may not have otherwise heard it.