Live like you're dying

So a couple weeks ago, we definitely lived for the moment and I am so glad we did.

The second the clock ran out on the Ravens AFC championship game, I knew my husband would do all he could to be at that Super Bowl. When he told me a few days later that he was flying to Orlando first and then NOLA because his brother was going to be in Disney, I decided all of us should take advantage and get a couple days in Disney World.

My sister in law declared it must be all our mother in law's doing. How else can you explain it? She asked me.

She had just been lamenting that we wouldn't be in the happiest place on earth with them. Our girls are so close and she felt like they were cheating on us.

Then the Ravens improbably make it all the way to the big game.

And we get a coupon for hotel rooms.

And Pat and I have exactly 3 days left on our lifetime tickets from 8 years ago, when we went for his mom's 50th birthday.

Live like you're dying, right? Or like your daughter will only be 2 for so long.

Her face was worth it at least 100 times that weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that Lin watched those three girls have the time of their lives. And then watched her two boys do the same at the big game.

So, thanks, Lin.