It gets easier every time you say it, I think. I've managed to tell everyone without breaking down. Everyone is supportive. But no one knows what to say. I get it. I didn't know what to say myself when I found out.

But I do love the support I have. I have an amazing group of friends and family and even co-workers.
I also love to watch and listen to how others look at things -- the optimists, the inquisitors, the pragmatists, the cheerleaders. I need all of them sooner or later.

My girlfriends are already planning a boob selection party and I have standing offers in SoCal for the best boobs in town. And my husband even found an article ( that I interpreted as maybe I can get fat, get a tummy tuck and totally "natural" boobs ;)

Right now this is still a time of processing, but it's nice to have it out there.