Passover, 2008
My kids aren't the only ones affected by this. It affects my adult family as well.
Apparently, by my being positive, the counselor said they assume my dad is the parental carrier as there's no cancer on my mom's side. This puts him at risk for prostate cancer, and also means my brother and sister could be carriers.
My siblings and parents have begun the genetic testing process now. It worries me that my brother and sister might know too early. Is that possible? I have my kids, my life. They're just getting started.
But my discovery also means my cousin who tested negative is what they call a "true negative." Basically, this means if all of us tested negative, yet we still had this painful family history, there could be a mutation that's just not yet known. Since I have a known mutation, my cousin truly should be totally free of it.
But I still had to talk to my other cousins. It's amazing how much one little gene mutation can affect.
And now I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' theme song in my head...