Yea, there's that other cancer. Thanks to being BRCA1 positive, as opposed to BRCA2, I have a higher risk of ovarian cancer, too. And, honestly, that's the scary one.
There are few symptoms and seemingly even fewer effective treatments.
The recommendation? Ovaries gone by 35 or 40 at the latest. Early menopause. Great.
I think that freaks me out the most. I know they aren't necessary, that everyone goes through menopause eventually. But it seems so drastic.
And it requires us to discuss the mythical third child.
Are we done having kids? Can we afford another? Does this diagnosis change our decision or our timeline? I'm one of three, so I always thought I might have three of my own.
The counselor basically said we could actually test embryos to see which carry the mutation.
I guess it's nice to know that it's an option, but I don't know what lies ahead for the daughters I do have. And as much as I hate breast cancer (and ovarian), it doesn't preclude you from a good life.
I can only hope the options I have now are just the beginning of what my kids will have, no matter how many there are. (The counselor said there is even research for a vaccine for BRCA mutations!)
To answer the inevitable question, we won't make any big decisions about another child or my surgeries until my baby is a year old. I owe it to her to enjoy her being a baby and not write off another child when she is hindering my ability to sleep...
So for the next 7 months, I will think about this situation. I know I will. But I have to remember to just sit back and smile at the sweetness that's in front of me.